Business and technology. Digital Landscape in 2021

In the 21st century, businesses go along with the technologies while the latest is developed to meet specific business requirements. The connection between businesses and technologies is always and everywhere regardless of the industry and preferences. Accordingly, any business that wants to achieve its all potential and not miss possible achievements needs to rely on technological innovations and give a new opportunity for digital growth.

In this regard, any business owner should be responsible for following the digital landscapes and stay up to date in business technology. Accordingly, the properly implemented business trends will help to attract customers and stand out in the pool of competitors. In the following article, you will learn about digital trends in business that will be accepted in 2021.

Digital Landscape in 2021

They say people like to try something new, while businesses sometimes don’t like to put a risk on something not common. In some cases, this prevents business success.

Having passed through the chaos in 2020, we become more connected and dependent on digital devices, platforms, and the Internet. The COVID-19 pandemic brought a new reality for many people who could not even make simple actions through a smartphone before. So, it was a year full of risks and new challenges both for businesses and the population.

2020 taught us to be open to experience nuances and be ready to find new solutions always and everywhere. Thanks to this, we also learned to pretend the future and be ready for the upcoming trends in order to benefit from the connection between business and technology. Below, you may find all the essential trends, characteristics, techniques, and methodologies that are going to be advantageous in 2021. Sounds interesting? Come on!

#1 Conversational Marketing

This is a huge concept that represents the communication between the brand and the potential customers. This is an integral part of customer service. Conversational marketing technologies are implemented through various digital channels and they are responsible for enabling interaction between business companies and their prospects.

The objective of conversational marketing is defined with the “5S Rules”. Let’s see what it is about:

1. Sell Sales Growth. Higher conversion rates implemented through different online channels such as chatbots.
2. SpeakGet Closer to Customers. Regular communications and real-time interactions help to solve problems and organize processes faster and in a more productive way.
3. ServeAdd Value. Better support and customer services help to provide a higher level of satisfaction among the customers.
4. SaveSave Costs. When there is no need to spend money on print or transportation, it becomes easier to save costs. For instance, the letters are sent through email, the data is presented and transferred in digital format.
5. SizzleExtend the Brand Online. Active interactions with the target audience provide a better brand experience. On the other hand, online interactions break all the distance limitations and help to reach a wider market.

#2 Personification

Companies started to bring figures or names to express the brand. And accordingly, while interacting with a brand, customers start to consider them as people. In this way, brands are given qualifications that are unique for people.

Sometimes this is done with a single product or companies choose a name for products and personalize them. In this way, marketers try to increase the level and quality of engagement with the product and services offered. Accordingly, the number of potential customers increases, which takes to the increasing number of loyal customers and the growth of sales.

#3 Minimalistic Approach and Simplicity

Throughout the pandemic, companies started to form a kind of digital interaction with the target audience that makes the brands more simple. For instance, brand representatives started to record live streams or come up with videos from home. As it was a lockdown, the expression “working from home” was spread everywhere and it was normal to post a non-professional video recorded with phones and having minimal or even no editing.

The audience becomes familiar with this approach and now companies don’t need to spend a great income on creating over-professional videos that may cost much.

#4 Live Streams

The lockdown rules made everybody stay at home. This means any kind of event was canceled. However, life could not be stopped for several months. So, there should be a solution. In such a situation, when real-life interaction was not possible, many people and businesses turned to live streams.

Many events, conferences, webinars, pieces of training, branded live streams, online workshops, discussions, and even talks with celebrities were implemented through live videos.

According to some statistics, during the pandemic the live watching rate raised by 50% on Facebook, and by 70% on Instagram. This is something that becomes common not only for brands, companies, and organizations but also for the target audience. They say if people learn something new, easier, and better they are less likely to turn back to old trends.

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AIST Global

AIST — a software agency based in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2016 we provide web and app development and design services.

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