The Future of Ecommerce: Back to the Future Online

As we all know, online commerce is a large industry. Probably, this is the reason why everybody is interested in the future of eCommerce. During this time, many things are derived from the online sphere into traditional and vice versa. Accordingly, sometimes we need to go back to the future online. In the following article, we will together discuss the next big future of eCommerce so that you’ll clearly imagine what to expect in your eCommerce industry. And here we go!

The Future of ECommerce: Emerge Markets

Emerging markets, including India, China, Brazil, Russia, etc. are expected to play a significant role in the future of eCommerce. It is not totally surprising when we consider the recent growth in the economies of some of these nations. However, let’s go a little deeper.

By 2022, it’s expected that around 3 billion potential buyers from emerging markets will get access to the internet. It means a lot of potential customers. On the other hand, it’s estimated that in 2022 the 20% of all retail sales will come from these buyers who currently rely on these emerging markets. And what this mean? — a lot of potential sales.

The most fantastic thing is that a lot of similar markets are relatively unused by the existing eCommerce businesses at the moment. As a result, there existing businesses get a ton of potential to branch out and reach a new market. A lot of opportunities available for new eCommerce brands are here to pop up within these emerging markets and personalize their services towards the local audiences.

The Future of ECommerce: B2B Website

These days, eCommerce isn’t dominated by B2C any longer. B2B eCommerce sales, in their turn, are predicted to grow in the near future. Currently, there is a growing trend according to which companies buy software, products, and services for their workforce.

For organizations, it has never been more essential to use custom software that may help the company to automate as many processes as possible. B2B is no longer about the wholesalers selling to retailers. Instead, it is a growing industry led by SaaS (Software as a Service) and technology companies. Every day we learn about a new technique or tool that automates activities that unblock our desk of manual tasks.

Similar advances in technology facilitate our lives and make businesses more profitable. Accordingly, every year companies allocate more budget to B2B purchases. ECommerce stores provide invoicing, volume-based discounts, large orders, and an ability to reorder easily. All of these eCommerce store features help to make sure you are on the road to success.

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AIST — a software agency based in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2016 we provide web and app development and design services.

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AIST Global

AIST Global

AIST — a software agency based in Yerevan, Armenia. Since 2016 we provide web and app development and design services.